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Successful development of HTS Maglev vehicle


It is reported that the use of Tsinghua UniversitySuperconductorsResearch center, Automation Department, Precision Instrument Department, Beijing Yingli superconducting Skill Co., Ltd. developed the "High temperature superconducting magnetic levitation demonstration trolley based on the inverted suction (EMS) principle" is now successfully developed. The device consists of four hts magnets, body, metal guides, azimuth sensors, control circuits, etc. The total weight of the suspension is 46.6kg, which can slide freely in the 1.5m long trajectory. The Bi-2223/ag high-temperature superconducting wire used in the coils of superconducting magnets is supplied by Beijing Yingli Superconducting Technology Co., Ltd.SuperconductorsThe operating principle of this equipment is the same as that of the maglev line in Pudong, Shanghai, after the introduction of the voltage-controlled current source, the use of the practice of the advanced-hysteresis proofing completed the maglev equipment, stable suspension and robust control, the load changes in the case of 84% can still complete the stable suspension equipment. The test equipment verifies the controllability of hts coils, and is the first vehicle model in the world to complete controllable suspension using HTS coils. The successful development of the test equipment has laid a foundation for further exploring the feasibility of hts coils used in maglev trajectory traffic system.

Low energy consumption, low oscillation, low noise, high environmental protection, safe and reliable maglev transport system is the trend of future trajectory traffic. We expect the high temperature superconducting magnetic levitation test equipment to be implemented in traffic vehicles and other transport systems to complete the high temperatureSuperconductorsApplication of magnets in magnetic levitation equipment.

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