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Metal states of quantum superconducting materials


As a two-dimensionalSuperconducting materialsIn the medium and long term, the presence of highly crystalline two-dimensional superconductors agrees to investigate the connotation of quantum phase (ground state) in the system of minimum disorder with sit. The ZRNCL and NbSe2 Double-layer superconductors with ion grids are taken as examples to discuss the development of quantum metal states.

ZRNCL is a layer of energy band insulation, in the block data and after the alkali metal intercalation are superconducting, after the EDLT skills, in the appearance of electrostatic doping, the highest critical temperature of about 15K. Because of the weak der Force, the zrncl crystals of nanometer thickness have the flat appearance of atoms, which is suitable for EDLT equipment, and it can be mechanically stripped.

There are three kinds of models for the occurrence of quantum metal states: The top-ranking model is the magnetic field-induced effect of eddy current interaction between Eddy Metals. The theory predicts a large peak on the sit critical field, but this phenomenon is not applied to ZRNCL-EDLT systems only in Inox amorphous films. The secondSuperconducting materialsSuppose that the motion of a vortex through a quantum tunneling is taken into account. This theory is well proved in moge films. The final one is the "Bose metal" model, which depicts a liquid that, at 0 degrees, because of the motion of the vortex, the Cooper pair will form a non superfluid fluid.

Other similar quantum metal states are found in two-dimensional structures of NbSe2 crystals. The ground state rsheet compared with the lowest resistance of the gate-induced zrncl superconductor with a value of 75 ω. The study on the characteristics of magneto-electric transport in NBSE2 Double-layer structure reminds of the full phenomenon of temperature dependence under low temperature conditions. This phenomenon fits well with the "Bose metal" model.

Although these two substances are different in the interpretation of quantum metal states, these models are based on the vortex of quantum motion. In any case, a highly crystalline two-dimensional, extremely weak embolism.Superconducting materialsThe metal ground state should be its fundamental property.

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