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Superconductor material Maglev Vehicle is Created

It is reported that a maglev vehicle made by superconductor material is created sccussefully. It is developed by Tsinghua Unviercity Superconductor center, automatic technology department, sophisticated equipments development department and Beijing Yingna Technology Company according to EMS theory.  The vehicle is consisted of 4 superconductor material, car body, aspect sensor and pilot circuit.

The maglev support part is about 46.6kg weight, and moves freely on 1.5meter long channel. The superconductor coin is made of Bi-2223/Ag, a kind of high temperature superconductor material. The theory and the vehicle are very close to the finished Shanghai Putong Maglev support vehicle. The super conductor material plays an important role in the work.

When the capacity is controlled around 84%, it would work as well as expected. This test proove the stability of high temperature superconductor coin. It would be the first test in this field. The next step is to adopt high temperature super conductor material in transpiration system.

No noise, low energy cost and friendly to environment, and stable for human being.

So it is a strong tendency to adopt super conductor material in our life. In the future, the super conductor material will play an increasingly important role in our world.

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