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Quantum Griffith singularity of HTS materials

At very low temperatures, the two-dimensional crystals of high crystallizationSuperconductorsThe metal ground state is induced by a small intensity magnetic field. As the intensity of the magnetic field increases, the condition will be damaged, and a weak localized metal state with no Cooper on the insulator may undergo a quantum phase transition (QPT). With regard to qpt, the effect of disorder on the dimension of adding a domain is a requirement consideration. If the uniformity of disorder in the dv<2 of="" coarse-grained="" conditions="" to="" add="" the="" onset="" of="" deviation,="" and="" with="" the="" weak="" random="" disorder,="" then="" qcp="" to="" a="" large="" extent="" will="" be="" changed="" by="" disorder="" conditions.="" in="" this="" case,="" the="" dispersion="" of="" the="" disorder="" will="" become="" wide="" in="" a="" finite="" scale="" system,="" and="" the="" probability="" of="" presenting="" a="" large="" range="" of="" ordered="" regions="" will="" be="" exponentially="" reduced="" but="" not="" zero.="" this="" sparse="" area="" exists="" in="" one="" phase="" and="" the="" other="" is="" another.="" griffiths="" showed="" the="" necessity="" of="" the="" existence="" of="" the="" ordered="" island="" on="" quantum="" phase="" transitions,="" and="" stated="" that="" the="" dynamics="" of="" the="" critical="" area="" around="">SuperconductorsKinetics is derived from the condition known as the Griffith Singularity.

The quantum Griffith Singularity has been fully demonstrated in the Quantum stochastic transverse field Isin (Ising) model and has been extensively studied by many theorists. However, it lacks the summary of the test basis, and only in three-dimensional ferromagnetic metal research. It is very challenging to investigate the quantum Griffith singularity in a two-dimensional superconducting system.

The study on the magnetic transport characteristics of the three-layer thin films prepared by the molecular beam epitaxy shows the bkt changes in the 0 magnetic field and reminds of the multiple intersection points in the resistance curve with the change of the magnetic field intensity. In addition, similar phenomena were investigated in the Laalo3/srtio3 (110) interface. To get a deeper understanding of the meaning of Griffith's singularity, it is necessary to investigate other traditions such as Inox.SuperconductorsThe data of the film is analyzed.

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