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Critical magnetic field on enhanced superconducting coils

The recently rendered space-free inversion symmetric high crystalline two-dimensionalSuperconducting coilsThe data show a more stable superconducting state than the external magnetic field, which is attributed to the aberration effect of soi. In general, two-dimensional superconducting materials in the surface of the critical magnetic field by the infinite trajectory limit resolution, therefore, the Pauli limit in the field of the study of the role of resolution. In the prophase work, the parallel upper critical magnetic field strength is greater than the general Pauli limit, because the strong spin-locus scattering effect is caused by the spin randomization of the high z element or the layered capital with the larger atom soi. Enhanced critical magnetic field phenomena were investigated in the MoS2 and NBSE2 systems in the experiment and commented. One possible explanation is that its intension is derived from the determination of the spin valley of a highly crystalline MoS2 guide band plane. According to the calculation of the principle of the top band, the guide band is separated from the K-K valley. And the outward direction is almost completely spin-polarized. In the external magnetic field, the spin polarization at K-and-K valleys is reversed because time inversion symmetry exists. In order to form a singlet match with 0 mass echocardiography, Cooper pairs must be formed between K-and-K valleys. The pairing of these valleys is protected by a magnetic field outside the inner surface, which means that Cooper will be safe unless the external magnetic field strength exceeds the interior. The above-mentioned qualitative explanations say that clarity enhances the upper criticalSuperconducting coilsThe magnetic field is due to the definite effect of spin-valley. This mechanism can also be used to explain Isin (Ising) superconductivity or Isin pairs.

Many of the experimental results indicate that, because the space inversion of the intense SOI is the existence of symmetry breaking, the highly crystallized two-dimensional superconductors provide a new channel for the study of the external and internal properties of the data, for example, on the properties of two-dimensional topological superconductors.


The highly crystalline two-dimensional superconducting materials are different from the traditional granular or amorphous structures, which can be used to study the properties of low dimensional data and to explore new high-temperature superconductors. As for thin film superconductor, the critical temperature is decreased with the decrease of film thickness, however, many experimental results are also clear that the conclusion is not completely correct, there is still controversy about its superconducting mechanism, and the change rules of different types of data are different.

In the future, the preparation of a new superconducting system containing two-d data, combined with different skills in situ, is a major trend. In addition, the preparation of two-dimensional nanostructures, such as mechanical stripping, Eldt, low cost and simple operation, is extremely necessary in the near future. Finally, a detailed and pervasive theoretical model can be developed for two-dimensionalSuperconducting coilsThe nature of the data is fully explained, and it can provide theoretical support for the preparation of new materials.

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