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Welding equipment

Welding equipment

For your second generation of HTS materials to achieve the desired connection and conductive effect, please read carefully the instructions we provide on the use of superconducting materials. Please pay special attention to welding safety matters. If you want to pursue the most ideal welding effect, you can go to our laboratory welding, but the general customer can also weld themselves, if need more Please contact us for information. Preparation work before welding, if you need to cut the strip, make sure that the cutting does not cause edge bending, burr sawtooth, or scale delamination If the superconducting layer for welding, can effectively reduce the resistance, the effect of the most


Superconducting equipment


We Theva Company as a professional super conductor development company have made many breaktroughs in the super conductor material structure and production since 1996. Our inventions have modify the layer structure to make it soft as spring to be widely used in more areas. Also we developed new production machines, quality monitoring machines and solder equipments to facilitate the production and keep quality stable. Now we have built relations with many clients and our super conductor material has been adopted widely in many fields and countries.
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